About Hiva

About Hiva

Hiva Abzar Pasargad Company
Hiva Abzar Pasargad Company, with the start of production of products in accordance with international standards for product quality and variety in 1399, seeks to attract customer satisfaction.
Hiva Abzar Pasargad Company has taken a step towards quality production for its products from experienced specialists and experts who have long experiences and records in this field.

Out Vision

The company’s goal is to provide the best product at the quality level for the benefit of companies and customers as a powerful product in the field of production.

Company Mission

Hiva Abzar Company tries to provide a comfortable bed for our dear colleagues and customers, with a guarantee of goods and also profitability.
The company is committed to providing the best sales and after-sales service to customers and also assures customers that it has the best service and quality.
Therefore, the company, in order to acquaint the customers by forming experienced groups for easy needs, has realized that it can provide more services.